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  • When is the best time of year to visit?
    Big Bend has lots to offer at different times of the year. The winters will vary, but temps can be as high as the 70's. They can also be as low as the teens (unusual). This is a desert environment and every day is different. Spring is always a beautiful time to visit, but there can be a lot of people visiting the area attractions in the Spring. The summer monsoons come around mid to late July and can really help cool things off in the summer. The storms are amazing to watch from the Javelina Hideout valley. They aren't guaranteed, but you're most likely to see them in July or August. The desert can turn a lush green if the monsoons come to visit. The hottest part of the year is May and June. This is earlier than most parts of the US, but this is when Big Bend heats up the most. If you're planning a trip in May to beat the heat - you've missed it. You'd be better served moving that to late July or after. July is generally cooler than May, especially if the monsoons arrive. The storms are beautiful to watch and cool the air significantly. If you have a late arrival in the summer months, please be aware that the solar system can only run the air conditioner when the sun is shining brightly and will typically shut off between 5-6pm to save the batteries for the refrigerator and house lights. For this reason, we recommend coordinating with the property managers to arrange for the AC to be turned on in the afternoon to cool the house down for your arrival. Obviously, we can't guarantee what the weather will be like at any time of the year, but we can tell you what we've experienced. Do your homework and plan your stay wisely.
  • What if I want to have a campfire?
    Visit and the homepage should state in red if there's a burn ban. Do not have a fire if there is a burn ban. In the event of a burn ban, please enjoy the propane firebowl in the backyard. It starts easily, stops easily, and doesn't require wood or leave hot coals. If you do plan to have a campfire, please keep your campfires small. Be extremely cautious and make sure there are no coals when you retire for the evening. Winds can pick up even if it's perfectly still when you go to bed. You must bring your own firewood. You may purchase wood at Cottonwood in Study Butte or at the Big Bend Motor Inn. No gathering of wood on site is allowed. Any wood that is on site is part of our landscaping. Any stacked wood on site belongs to the owners. Last but not least, if you're out there and you're not sure whether or not it's safe to have a campfire, that probably means the propane firebowl is a good option for you that night. Play it safe, sit back and enjoy the fire worry free.
  • Do I need a 4WD to get to the property?
    No, you do not need a 4WD. We are exactly 1 mile off of a flat dirt road. After heavy rains, it can get a bit bumpy and may slow you down, but high clearance and 4WD are not necessary.
  • Can I use google maps to get to the property?
    No, you should not use google maps. You should use the directions that were emailed to you when you made your reservation. Google maps does not accurately map the location and in some cases will try to route via the wrong roads.
  • Will my cell phone work at the property?
    Your cell phone will not get a signal at the property, however we do have a land line that is free for you to use for domestic calls, and we also have WiFi. Additionally, you can drive 3 miles up the road towards the lodge and you will receive cell service. Many cells phones use WiFi for calling, so there's a good chance your phone will work for phonecalls, but we can't guarantee it.
  • Do you have air conditioning?
    Yes, we do have air conditioning! We have a very robust solar setup that will allow you to run the AC all night when needed. To keep the main house cool, we recommend using the white fan (stored in the master closet) to push the cold air from the bedroom to the other areas of the home. We are able to stay very comfortable in very hot temperatures. We also have an AC in the bunkhouse that can also be run 24/7.
  • How far to the Big Bend National Park entrance?
    It's about a 24 minute stress-free drive from Javelina Hideout to the parks west entrance. Additionally, you can get to the parks north entrance via a dirt road if you have 4WD AND it hasn't rained in the last several days. This road contains bentonite, which is slippery, sticks to your tires, and makes the road impassable even with a 4WD vehicle during and after heavy rains. The road needs to be thoroughly dried out before being traversed. Our general rule of thumb is 3 days with no rain, but that could vary. If conditions are right and you're up for an adventure, this a fun route. Feel free to send us an email with questions about this route.
  • Can I watch TV at the property?
    We have a smart TV that works with Netflix or Hulu, but we do not have cable or get channels over the air. If you have a Netflix or Hulu account, be sure to bring your login information with you.
  • How far to Big Bend Ranch State Park?
    You can drive towards Lajitas and hike Closed Canyon and HooDoos trails, which are both located within the State Park. You'll find information at the Barton Warnock center, about 45 minutes from the property. If you want to go into the center of BBRSP, it's a much longer drive along scenic 170, and then many miles on a dirt road to Sauceda. Probably 2.5 hours total to the center of the park. Additionally, you can ride your bike in BBRSP down by Lajitas. There is great mountain biking there. Check with Desert Sports and Barton Warnock Visitor Center for questions about mountain biking. You'll find a wealth of information on the TPWD site:
  • Do you have WiFi at the property?
    Yes! We do have internet for you to use. As of now, it's a low signal at the bunkhouse since the router is in the main home and the buildings are metal. We intend to fix that in the future. Many cells phones use WiFi for calling, so there's a good chance your phone will work for phonecalls.
  • Do you allow pets?
    No, we do not allow pets. While we are big Fans of Fido (FoF's), we recognize that the park is non hospitable to your furry friends. Dogs are not allowed on trails in the National Park. We do not want dogs left unattended at the house for our protection and also for the protection of the dog and guest. Please see the following links for more information on pets in the parks. BBNP BBRSP
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